Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Scary Scary Scary Event.

So tonight as we were leaving.. I pulled up to the parking lot. I looked one way, saw a motorcycle passing.. Looked the other way as I was almost stopped.. Nothing. Then Looked in front of me do to someone yelling something.

Yep! You guess it. I hit a guy on a bicycle. I don't remember much of it due to shock. But! I do remember him infront of the car, standing there looking at his bike.
Yeah. SCARY! I sat and shook for a good 5 minutes. LUCKILY! EXTREMELY LUCKILY the guy wasn't hurt. I don't think he was hurt at all.

Bryan got out to make sure the guy was okay. By the time he got out, the guy had his bike and start walking away.. Bryan asked if he was okay.. He said "yeah, my bikes a little messed up." And continued to walk away. I was confused. I was sure we should call the police or something. Or give him our insurance information. But the guy wouldn't even turn around and talk with us.. he just kept walking. It was weird...

So.. After I finally got out of the shock. (well a little out of it) we decided that we would still continue going where we were headed.

But then I called my mom, and we decided to call the police station. She gave me the number. And I called and left a message for the sheriff in our area. He it turn left me a message (we were out of range for our cellphone) saying that he hadn't had anyone come in or anything. And that it was a good thing we called because the guy could easily have turned the story around saying we hit him and ran. So tomorrow I have to leave another message with a few more details so he can fill out the report or whatever.

Yeah. My first real accident. Scared EVERYTHING out of me.

Totally scary.


Daniel said...

Well, at least he was alright. Bicyclists and kids get ran over frequently.

The Jensen Family said...

Glad everything turned out ok! Definitely scary though.
FYI-Clark needed his tonsils out because they were HUGE. Way bigger then normal three year olds and they were effecting his breathing day and night.