Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm mad!

Okay not really all that mad. But I do have to say.. Each person in our family has now had the flu. Emily, Hannah, and Daddy threw up once.. The end.
I was up all night.... NOT FAIR! Add with that all pregnancy related pain... I'm not doing the best today. Infact bed has been where I've resided almost all day.

A few things I'm grateful full!

1.) After Bryan was up wednesday night with the flu (he might have only puked once.. but his stomach was so upset up until he did, he ended up being up half the night) he went to work on thursday. His initial intentions were to come home early, when another work came to work.. But the other person ended up having food poision so he ended up having to stay and work ALL day.. Yeah, 8am -9:30pm.. all while being sick....
He called me and was so excited for the blessing of having more hours.. Yes, he's a much better person then I'll ever be!
Then he came home and cleaned the house up and helped me get emily to stay in bed.. All while comforting me as I was sick.
AND! he's going to come home from work today and take the girls on a walk.. so they can actually get out of the house today...

2.) Self-Relient little kids. Okay. They aren't always like this. BUT! Today I guess they could tell I really needed their help. Besides one litte incident.. (starting to take poop out of her diaper) they've pretty much been entertaining and taking care of themselves.
Infact they got themselves lunch and everything... LUCKILY I bought the cheap lunchables yesterday at the store.. And they decided that would be a good lunch. Along with a yogurt (danimal yogurt shake drink thing). And then for a snack they decided on the baby tomatoes... I just had to wash the tomatoes.

Of course their room is trashed.. But when i'm feeling a little better maybe I'll be able to do something about that. Still. They've only fought like once... though, actually i can't remember them fighting at all...

MAN! I'm a lucky women, wife, and mom!!
Now, if i could just start feeling better ... i'd take the girls for a treat or something!

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