Saturday, June 27, 2009

Check Off That!

sorry, another pictureless post.

Today Bryan was off earlier then normal. He got off work.. I asked him what he wanted to do.. He replied, "get the house clean." .. Remember how Bryan was nesting.. it lasted for a day and a half.. He stopped.. But then tonight he started again...

So! We got a MAJOR project done. We cleaned and organized the girls' room. It took about 3 hours. But now all their toys are sorted into containers with lids and are in their closet. That way they can only play with a little amount of toys at a time.. And clean up will hopefully be A TON easier.. :-D (yes i stole this idea from someone in my ward!)

We still have a lot to do and only 3 weeks to get it done in! But one thing is finally checked almost off (we still have to wash the floors and walls!)


Andrea said...

Yay! Good job!

Lisa said...

Alright! Go Bryan and Melissa! Come Abigail!