Monday, June 1, 2009

A post dedicated to a long time friend....

Happy Birthday Joesph Daniel Keyes..
To bad he's to big of a hoser to read my site.
He probably thinks I forgot about his birthday.... But no.. I'm a nice enough person I dedicate a WHOLE post to him for his birthday! Now that's a cool present.. Maybe not as good as a poster of the TWO most amazing girls.. or even coupons to go on dates with them... or driving all the way to Idaho to take him out to dinner...

Yeah.. I know.. I'm amazing.

Though.. he probably deserves for me to forget his birthday... Since NOT ONCE in our eight year friendship has he remembered my birthday.. at all..

But seriously.. Happy Birthday Joesph Daniel Keyes!!

(maybe one of these days I'll be able to meet your wife and cute little boy!! Hey! Abby and Eric could be friends or something :-D)

Oh.. By the way.. I win!!

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