Monday, June 22, 2009

Nesting Husband at Last!

So for the last few weeks I've been starting to really stress out about all the stuff we need to do before Abby gets her (in 28 days).

Bryan, however, Hasn't been. AND ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! Why? Because of my current hip/back/everywhere pain, that allows me to accomplish VERY little during the day.

BUT! This morning he woke up and decided to start stressing.. "the house really needs to be whipped back in shape." So we started cleaning a bunch (we only had an hour before he had to go to work) and we got a TON of laundry washed, folded, and put away. Our room is almost all the way ready for Abby to move in. We just have to borrow my mom's carpet washer and wash the carpets... (probably our blankets and stuff too.. but if we don't get to that they it will still be acceptable)

So I thought I'd make a wish list of all the stuff I have to get done before Abby gets here:

*Organize all the girls' toys into containers (that I finally bought today)

*Finish organizing all the baby clothing into sizes

*Buy a new carseat. (after two baby's in one... and lots of blowouts.. our current one is looking a little worn.

*Wash off the MILLION crayon marks on the girls' wall

*Wash all the carpets in the apartment.

*Find the rest of the pieces to the bassinet and set up in our room

*Get the girls' schedule ready for where they are going to stay while we are in the hospital

*Pack hospital bags and girls sleepover bags

*Fold and put away all the clothing on the couch. (we got a lot)
*Wash out bathtub
eh.. we'll just start with that.

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Youngbergs said...

That's so great Bryan is on board with you! Tell him to work on Spencer! :)