Saturday, February 7, 2009

Boring Saturday.

So.. Bryan almost ALWAYS has to work all day Saturday... 9am-7pm..

I have always thought of Saturday as a day especially for fun. But now... I'm usually bored. Most people I know have their husbands at home on Saturdays so I don't like calling them up. So I feel really cooped up.

But this Saturday... I didn't want to get out of the house anyways... But.. Still I'm home all day, dreaming of a good family day... but it gets wasted.

Today was especially boring. But mostly I didn't have any good ideas for the day.. Maybe that's what I need to work on.. Maybe have Saturdays be a special day for me and the girls or something. But instead I got their HORRIBLY messy room. But it only took like less then an hour. So... We are now taking a mid-day shower. he he eh... I don't want them to actually play in their room until tomorrow.. That way they won't mess it up before bryan gets home :-D ....

Okay.. enough of me being bored and typing... Maybe next Saturday I'll have something sweet planned for the girls (especially since it will be valentine's!!)


Lisa said...

nearly half-way there!

Andrea said...

I've been really bored this week when Isaac was at work...more than usual. I don't know why.