Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's been a going on?

Let's start with last monday... Hannah started getting a little bit of the sniffles...
Tuesday, in the afternoon my throat started getting a tickle, letting me know that i was going to get sick.
Wednesday I thought it was over.. I was excited. I few blowing my noses and that was it.
Thursday I had a doctor's appointment for pre-natal, baby's doing great! The doctor told me if I get a fever of over 100 to call.. A few hours later I knew I was still sick.. I took my temp. it was 101.something called the doctor, took some tylonel...
Friday I still felt horrible.. I just laid in bed ALL DAY. the girls were AWESOME and only argued a little and only needed me when it was time to eat. Lynda came over and put them to bed for me because I had NO energy at all
Saturday I woke up with energy! I as happy! I'm finally getting better... Went to bed feeling great woke up on sunday still feeling great
Sunday.. Felt great..... but then at about 4ish Hannah starts to fall asleep, check her temp.. 100.something.. oh no... by 7 she's at 104. Get her drugs and she feels better... but all night she has a really high temp.
Monday, hannah woke up with her temp being normal.. I sigh in relief. It's over! But then at 4ish we're watching Oprah (it was all about kids and all their cool talents so i though it would be way fun for the girls to watch) Hannah starts to just lay there.. I feel her.. she's HOT. 103 temp again... about 4:30.. Emily comes and lays with me and just Lays there, I also notice she's hot.. 102 temp. Give them both medicine and Hannah fell asleep. Emily just laid there... almost fell asleep but instead I tried to keep them away for a little longer (bedtime is 6). Give them both peanut butter sandwiches for dinner. They both take ONE bit and don't want it.
Woke the girls up at 11.. to give them so more medicine. Emily is at 102.something, Hannah is at 103.something (almost 104). Get them water and medicine and but them back to bed.
Twice Emily came to my bed and just got in through out the night.
Tuesday. Hannah wakes up with a ball of energy. Her temp is normal.. She's a happy little girl... Emily just lays. 102 temp. Whines if we try to get her to drink, eat, or move. I offered her apple juice, she took a sip and refuses to drink anymore because "my throat hurts too much"...

So now we're going to go see the doctor. We're not going until 2:45.. which is great because that's when their fevers seem to really start going up again. I hate when we go to the doctor's after I give the girls medicine.. and they take the temp.. and it's like only 100.. and they're like "umm.. she doesn't have a fever" Luckily they realize it's because of the medication.. but still.. i feel stupid..

So yeah.. I'm feeling great.. except a few coughs here and there.. nothing bad. But now my girls aren't doing good.. :-(

Hope everyone else's week is going better!!

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