Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Internet, Update, Children's Hospital...

Okay. So the people we were "stealing" internet from.. moved. Which kind of sucked.. Now that we rely on internet for so many things... So we decided it was time to start paying for it on our own.. It took us three hours to get it all hooked up.. WHICH IS A LONG TIME... but after like 2 3/4 hours we called them and found out our account wasn't actually activiated... So, the guy activiated it and within a few minutes it started working.. NICE.. and it's way fast and stuff. We're excited and satisfied.. And now.. we can go ANYWHERE in our house and use it.. instead of having to sit on the couch and use it (though i am still sitting on the couch and using it right now).

I am now 15 weeks (and a half) pregnant.. And I still fit nicely into my jeans.. I'm hoping this last into the third trimester.. maybe i'm hoping for something impossible.. but we'll see.. It makes me sooo happy. The baby is the size of an Apple.

Children's Hospital:
We went to the chilren's hospital at the beginning of the month to get Hannah all checked out. Her appointment went well. Though, (I won't get all tech.) a part of her socket isn't developed as much as it should so we'll have to return again in a year (instead of waiting 2-3 years).. But the doctor was extremely impressed with how she was walking and not even letting it show she had DDH... YAY!

Children's Hospital 2:
So.. Emily's eyes are at the stopping point. Her glasses no longer are going to help correct the crossing.. Yet any new prescription will make it worse.. Also not wearing her glasses will make it worse. SO down to children's hospital we'll go...

First we need to go down and get her eyes re-checked to make sure the doctor is correct, she's an amazing doctor. We have to do this step in order to meet the doctor, and so he/she can see for him/herself what exactly is going on.
Then if they find the same thing.. We get to go back again to Children's and have the eye surgery. I am not sure if they will do it on both eyes.. Or one at a time.. Or just one.. We'll know more when we go down.

Okay.. that's about it. I am just eager to get the whole eye problems over with. The doctor was really amazed at how smart Emily is.. She also said because of outgoingness she saved herself from having to do some other test for somebigword blindness.. I can't remember the word. But it has to do with crossed eyes, and they have to do this test if the kids can't tell them what letters they see.. But because she loves sharing how smart she is, she was able to see and tell pretty much everything. Including things the doctor didn't think she would be able to see. So overall her vision is great... Except for her loose eye muscles.

Seriously.. the end.

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Daniel said...

What does the eye surgery entail? Are they cutting the muscle to make it tighter?