Monday, February 23, 2009

Okay.. So I DOO love them

Okay.. I've decided to keep them :-D

Hannah has just been having a tough time.. but maybe she's on the verge of getting better. I think she is still feeling REALLY icky, but doesn't know how to tell us. We took her to the doctor today (though it wasn't our actual doctor, just another one that works there) and i don't think the doctor was very good.. But he did said that she probably has been getting a headache, or just really not feeling good. So I'm suppose to help her out by giving her some tylenol. That's kind of what I assumed. So we're going to try that.. Especially since lately I've also been getting this huge headache.. I think it's part of what we got. Though, she took a nap today, so i got to spend some special time with emily.. and then she couldn't get to sleep tonight, and so i got to spend some special time with Hannah.. it was kind of fun (knock on wood.. don't want to do it again..)

Enough of that. I'm over 18 weeks pregnant! The baby is "about the length of a bell pepper." So think of baby bingham when you're grocery shopping and pass the bell peppers... and maybe think of name ideas :-D! Two more weeks until we find out what we're going to have!! YAY!! and I'll be half way through. My belly has popped out. Seriously.. All of a sudden I'm looking pregnant. Even though I haven't gain any weight. Fun times.

Okay... I'm going to relax not... Night!


Alicia said...

I am so sorry to hear that you guys have been feeling sick! That is so sad! Here are some of my name ideas. Boys- Jaden, Cole, Braiden, Cameron, and Girls- Hannah, Jessica, Lacey, Rebecca. I actually have a really tough time finding a name I like. I won't get offended if you don't like those names. I might name a future son Cameron but if you like it I don't care if there's two Camerons.

Andrea said...

Aw, a little baby bell pepper!

Shauna said...

Hope you all get well soon!