Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's new with you?!

So not to much is going on with me.. Especially now that I'm sick.. (though i hope i'm getting better!!)

I did however go in for a doctor's appointment... pre-natal... and everything is going great!

I measured 15-16 weeks.. which is a little smaller then I am! But perfect! I've I'm a little under the whole time, maybe the baby will be smaller, and maybe I'll not have to have a C-Section! It's good news! The baby's heart beat was hard to find.. And each time we found it.. We heard the baby kick and then we had to search again. What a stinker! In one month we get to finally find out if it's a boy or girl!

1 comment:

kaitlyn said...

bummer, i hope you get to feeling better soon!

i hope you don't have to have a c section either. big time bummer, especially having two little ones at home... no rest for the weary, right?