Friday, February 13, 2009

Hannah the Excited Shopper..

So today we were shopping at Fred Meyers.. I ran out of Oranges, and it's a HUGE deal right now (the whole craving like three a day thing). So as I walked in I saw that they had some of the "winter" stuff on sale, including jeans. The girls don't have enough jeans that fit anymore, so I was really excited because I hadn't found any for the price I wanted to pay anywhere.. BUT! They were 60% of the last clearance priced. And I found these absoulte cutest ones ever for Hannah for less then 6 bucks.

I was happy! .. And so was Hannah..

Infact while I was shopping for other groceries I looked down in the cart.. And Hannah was NAKED w/ a diaper. I asked her what she was doing, she said "trying on my new pants!" She was really excited. But because she had only a one-piece p.j.s on we ended up having to buy her a shirt too... I think that was her plan all along! It was soo cute. Though I did have to walk from one end of Fred Meyers to with her only in a diaper... and people were looking at me way funny.... It was still cute!

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kaitlyn said...

oh, i wish i had been at FM this morning. that would have cracked me up! i am glad you got such good deals! that is fantastic!