Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stealing Post.

So my very bestest friend, Andrea, posted this awesome quote.. It just really made me ponder for a few minutes.. I wanted to share it in some way to everyone I know, so I thought about how I should do it.. And then decided just to steal her post from her site! :-D I'm even going to steal the picture she posted with it!!

“Parents can offer a unique and wonderful kind of prayer because they are praying to the Eternal Parent of us all. There is great power in a prayer that essentially says, ‘We are steward-parents over Thy children, Father; please help us to raise them as Thou wouldst want them raised.' "-M. Russell Ballard
(side note, every sunday she posts an spiritual quote/scripture/thought. i recommend checking out her site!!)

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Andrea said...

Aw, I feel special! I'm glad someone besides me actually reads my Sunday posts... :oD