Thursday, February 26, 2009

I did good!

Sorry.. I know i've been blogging a lot.. But it's due being stuck in side for so long.. I need some way of getting out in the world.. and blogging is my weapon of choice....

So tonight I decided to make Fetticine Alfredo for dinner. We've been having problems with Hannah just not wanting to eat at all.. She takes a few bits, and that's it. But I guess it was the right choice because she finished what was on her plate. THEN instead of eatting her green beans (she LOVES green beans, they are like candy to her!) she asked for more pasta!! About every two minutes she would look up and say "this is good pasta." It was really cute. It probably was one of the easiest dinner times EVER. Both girls didn't run around ONCE while eatting.. That's a HUGE deal...

I couldn't really get Hannah to say what she was saying over and over while on camera without a little coaching.. though she was saying it all on her own through-out dinner!

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