Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News, Bad News.

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I was writing the contents below and then realized.. today is my last day of triple digit days left in my pregnancy! Yes, Today I have 100 days left. Hopefully the last 100 days will go by as fast as the previous 100.. but leave time for me to get stuff done! Isn't that EXCITING?!?! 100 days seems like so much.. but 99 seems so much less.


So.. We're thinking that moving to Idaho is not going to happen this August. Some IMPORTANT things aren't working out as best as we hoped. There is still a chance, but not a very big one.
Bryan will still be going to school this fall.. just not at ISU. :-D He'll just finish completing his transfer degree at WCC. We think this is bad news.. We were really hoping that it would all work out... (though a lot of family will be reading this thinks it's really good news :-D)

The good news? Since we still have the money saved up, we'll be able to spend a little on a family vacation.. Which is MUCH needed. We're still planning on saving most the money we have saved up (we've learned having am emergency fund is helps us have a lot more financial peace... it's sure does take a huge burden off of things) But a little fun money to have some family time... We just need to figure out what to do for vacation.. I'm not sure I'm up for going to far... But just a week or so with family-stress-free-full-of-fun time. Any suggestions?

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Andrea said...

I'm sorry you guys can't move yet...but I'm a teensy bit happy, lol.