Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, Today was the first day....... It was sooooooooo much fun. Luckily Oma was there. AND she brought her camera too.. It was hard to take pictures because it was very parent involved.. Like cheering them on, and telling them good job. So Oma was able to snap a few pictures! We had a GREAT time.. And I honestly got the biggest "soccer-mom" high out of it. Needless to say, I wanted to sign them up for every class they could ever take.. but refrained..

If you know me at all.. (or my mom) we kind of like to do things to the extreme.. We got all excited and took a shopping trip, to try and find the perfect outfit for the girls. After trying to find some at Kmart.. And then calling local sports clothing stores.. Decided to give Goodwill a chance.. Maybe they would have what we were looking for.. And of course they did! We found the perfect outfits for the girls. I even went to the Dollar store and bought the girls a water bottle each. (and decorated it while they were sleeping..) Yes.. Every other kids was dressed in normal clothing... But mine (have a crazy mom and oma) were lucky enough to have special gymnastics outfits!!! Enjoy the pics!

Hannah on the "horse"

Emily on the "horse"
Waiting for our turn.

waiting (but you can see the cute outfits better)

Emily and Hannah after class.. They didn't want to sit still!
Emily asks as we were putting her shoes on "can we do another class?!?!" she was so excited. I got to inform her she gets to take 7 more classes! Yes, these are the moments I LOVE being a mom!

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Youngbergs said...

Gymnastics is a great idea at this age! It is so good for developing coordination! I am probably a little biased though because I did it for ten years when I was younger as well as coached for a little bit.