Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Mommy, that's that guy..... that's the prophet!!!!"

So, we were going to attend General Conference at a church building.... BUT! Hannah has pink eye. SO... instead I laid in bed, cuddled with Emily, in my comfy clothing and watched it.. Let me tell ya, this was a very stress-free conference (so far at least). Hannah, really didn't sit still so after a few minutes Hannah decided to go play in her room. Which was okay with me, I was able to listen to the talks and explain things to Emily. I loved it!!!

While we were listening... (we were late in watching it do to techincal problems...but when we finally got the conference working..) Right before Eyring's talk, President Monson came up to conduct some more and Emily got really excited... "that's that guy..... that's the prophet" it was so cute, and made me so happy that she actually remembered something from my sharing time last sunday.

Okay, need to get undistracted.. enjoy conference, and the sun!

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