Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a grumpy pants today.....

i've decided that I'm grumpy today. I don't really know why.. Actually I think it's because I'm stressed. It's hard getting what I want done with two (Cute) little girls climbing all over me.

We're leaning towards moving to Idaho. We still have a few things that need to be figure out first.

It's going to be hard. We need to figure out how moving with a newborn will be... How we're going to get all our stuff down there and us down there.

My ideal move:
-If i have to have a c-section, I'll have it at 37 weeks or about then, since if the baby is big I need to get her out soon then later, so she'll have enough room and hopefully not get DHD like hannah did.. that will give me 6 plus weeks before we have to move.

-i'm planning on having everything that we don't absolutely need packed before we have the baby. That way we will just need to put it on the moving truck.

-bryan and my dad going to pocatello at the beginning of august and find an apartment (we decided that we would rent for 6 months, that way we can find a house we really want... it's that or have bryan pick out a house for both of us) and a job for bryan.

-when we get there find a doctor RIGHT away for our whole family... (another big stress)

Yep.. that's about all the big stresses i have right now.... if everything goes just how i planned, then it might be a stressless move... But lets face it... Nothing ever goes exactly how it's planned.. but hopefully it will be close!

-have bryan's school stuff all figured out before we get there.. maybe he'll have to do it when he visits


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Michelle said...

We moved when Brian was 5 weeks old. It was definitely stressful, but everything worked out just fine. You can do it!