Monday, April 13, 2009

July 21st.

So... I went to the doctor's today. (for a normal prenatal check-up) We scheduled the C-section.... Yep, July 21st. It's not a for sure thing. But if we wait to schedule it, the hospital is more likely to be to busy to have me come in in the morning.. And I would have to wait ALL DAY without eating, and thinking about the c-section.. Instead of waking up and going right into surgery.. So now that we have it planned.. I just have to wait and see how big the baby is. There is a chance (slim... but still there) that the baby will be small.. Though today I measured at 28 weeks, and i'm only 25, but the doctor is pretty sure it was how she was positioned. She also always kicks/punches any machine the doctor uses to listen/see her.. I witnessed her punching the ultrasound machine on Thursday.. And then today i felt her beat the machine to check for her heartbeat. It's cute.

So, we're thinking of Breonna or Abigail as her name. We have to figure out the middle name first... I'm really going towards Abigail.. I just really like it.

Umm... So i'm getting a little stressed......... 15 (or less) more weeks... which sounds like a lot.. but I have an appointment in three weeks.. and then i'm in the 3rd trimester................................ yeah. She's going to be here soon.... Sorry.. I just have a lot of stuff to do.. I have to pack up our entire house before having her.. because i'll be way to exhausted after having the baby to pack up. I don't think it's going to be to hard..... right?! If we start early enough then it will be a lot less stressful.. But i can't quite start yet.. Because we won't be moving until the middle of august (if everything works out).. So i can't pack away that we might need in the next three months.... I think that if I organize the girl's toys into containers then rotate the containers.. They will be all packed, but they will still be usable...................okay i'm ranting......... bye.

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