Monday, April 6, 2009

There is Sunshine in my soul today...

Seriously! This time the sun has been here THREE whole days! It's been so fun taking advantage of it.. Though, I stupidly took my camera out of my purse friday and haven't remembered to put it back, so it's been a picture less adventurous day.

Saturday after conference we went walking around Lake Padden (bad move on my part) but we had fun.. The girls also got to also play at the park for a little while there.

Sunday after conference, we went to my parents house. And it seriously took us at LEAST a half an hour to enter their front door.. We jus sat outside, bryan hacksacked with my sister, the girls explored... We finally got inside, and then after dinner went back out and planned some plants in starter pot.... and just relaxed in the sun!

Today, we had probably the sunniest day, in my opinion.
I couldn't help but go outside. We went to Cornwall park.. We stayed about an hour.. There were like 100 kids (due to springbreak + Sun). Not so fun.
Then we had to check out Katie's Cupcakes.... It was really cute.. Though, I didn't like the cupcakes. :-/
Then on our way home.. I decided that maybe i would check out Fairhaven State Park.. There were only like 20 kids (at the very most) and it's such a nice park! So we spent another hour and a half there.. I was really sore, but luckily I could sit down while the girls played since it was so empty... Nice.

Now we are sitting at home relaxing.. Well.. that was the plan. But I think Hannah over played today.......... aka, BIG MELTDOWN. And she can't take a nap right now or else she will be up all night... and an hour of meltdown is easier for me to deal with then 3 hours of fighting her to stay in bed and go to sleep. The next hour might change my outlook on the day.. SO i'm glad I wrote the good stuff here, so once she's in bed.... I'll be able to read it again, and remember what a good day today actually was..

Now... .go have some fun in the sun!!!!


Andrea said...

We had a little bit of fun in the sun today--but not as much as you guys! :oD

Michelle said...

Hasn't it been great? We went to Hovander Park today and I'm planning to go to Bloedel-Donovan tomorrow if you want to join us (probably around 10 or 10:30)

Vicky said...

I agree, it has been so nice to be outside lately!

Melissa I haven't had a chance to thank you yet for letting us borrow your movie! Thanks! It was so sweet of you to bring it to us right away! We'll have to have a discussion about its pros and cons sometime.

Alicia said...

I'm so glad you had fun. I agree about Katie's Cupcakes, super cute...but after a few days I had to make my own cupcakes, which were much tastier. You're almost to the 100 day mark. Hooray!