Saturday, May 30, 2009

Labor or Not?

Today I got to spend a few hours in the hospital, due to contractions. The nurse informed me they were braxton hicks contractions. Though, before we got to the hosptial they were coming pretty regularly (3 minutes apart.. Lasting for more then a minute) Then I got to the hospital, calmed down, and LAID down. They slowed way down.. 3 minutes apart, then 10 minutes apart, and then 20 minutes apart.
Yeah, not fun. Especially since we were in the middle of gymnastics for the girls when this all started.

So now I'm sitting here, having some other problems.. Wondering when I should check myself back in. I'm sure i'm just being over cautions, but enough is enough.

Luckily Bryan's mom took the girls so i've been able to nap all afternoon. I'm just a little worried because it seriously took Hannah less then an hour to be born, and that's because they told me not to push for 20 minutes while they got the doctor into the room, and got everything set up.

I'm sure tomorrow I'll be completely fine. But GRRR! And of course this is the weekend my doctor isn't on call. I wish he was, he seems to know just how to calm my nervous. Plus he knows my child birth history and all the complications :-/. Yes the test showed I wasn't going to have pre-term labor right them. But seriously, my cervex changed so fast when I was having Hannah. So who knows!!!

I'm glad Bryan is getting off in less then an hour so I can just fall apart and he can help me put myself back together.

Sorry, I just had to vent/release some nerves. K, that's it!


The Jensen Family said...

Take it from someone who always goes early....preterm labor of any kind can be scary and worrisome, so you don't have to apologize for being worried. Oh course we all wish Dr. C was available 24/7, but since it isn't possible....if you are worried, just go back in and if you are fine until Monday then check in with DR then and he'll tell you what to do.
I always thought it was better to be over cautious and have nurses annoyed at you then for your husband to deliver the baby.
I hope the contractions slow down for you!!!!!! Try not to stress (yeah right :) ) and just do as little as possible!
Take care of yourself!

Lisa said...

relax, make some of these.

Youngbergs said...

I am glad everything was better today!