Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yesterday, We were driving home from an errand.. And we were on the free-way. I "decided" even though I didn't want to, to stop and get the girls some food. We were all hungry, but could have waited until we got home. But I "decided" that I needed to do it anyways.

So, we get off the freeway and get some food. And then we were driving home, not on the freeway. We pasted a light, and then all of a sudden there was something really wrong with the car. So I pulled over. Yep, our tire was flat. Completely. So I called AAA (of course after calling my mom to get the number :-D). Calling AAA always stresses me out. They normally take a million years to come out and help. I was stuck in a car at the side of a road, with both girls in the car. It was starting to become a very stressful situation.

BUT!!!! We had just bought the food for the girls. So they were happy to just sit and eat their food. THEN the AAA guy was WAY fast. He even was patient with me through my incompetence. Found our spare tire (even though it WASN'T where Bryan told me it was) and changed it. He also didn't mind that Emily wanted to watch and ask questions about EVERY thing he was doing.

For an emergency, it was very stressfree almost. I was surprised I didn't cry or anything (especially being pregnant, I kind of stress easy). We went and got new tires for the front. We had gotten an nail in it. But the AAA guy said it was only a matter of time.. a very short matter of time before our tire would have broken on it's own.. i could even tell it didn't look so healthy..

After all this, I am sooo grateful our tire got a nail in it. Could you imagine if imagine if I had been on the freeway and had it pop.. That could have turned EXTREMELY danagerous. I'm glad Heavenly Father gently guilded me into this situation that was very controlled. It could have ended a TON worse! It's very comforting to know he's looking out for me!


Youngbergs said...

I'm so glad you guys are safe! That could have been scary!

Andrea said...

Whoa! I'm glad you guys are okay!

I have a pretty award for you on my blog. :oD