Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Adventure

So yesterday morning, Bryan turned to me and asked, "do you want to go to the zoo?" Part of me wanted to say "hey, i'm tired, sore, and pregnant.." But.. A HUGE part of me (the winning part) said "HECK YES! LET'S GO!"

So we did. We had SOOOOOOO much fun. And I'm not nearly as sore as I thought I was going to be.

There were a few things I learned during the trip:
1. My husband is so amazing. Seriously, he put up with me through all the breaks I had to take. AND he made the trip about 100000000 times better for the girls. He was just as excited about some (okay all) the parts as the girls were. Seriously.. Why did I marry him? Because he's soooo freakin fun!

2. My girls... can handle 5 hours of excitement, with fairly little breakdowns. Seriously, I was a little concerned. Usually they are pretty good for 2 or so hours. But I thought they would start breaking down around 4 hours. Nope. The longest breakdown we had was about 20 seconds long. Yeah... and it was minimal. I was very impressed with the girls.

3. Sometimes it's just amazing to get away just the four of us. (soon to be five). I can't wait until our "staycation" in june.. we have lots of family fun planned.. Just the four of us.

4. I HATE spiders. and bugs... Even the ones in cages make me feel uncomfortable... Bryan gets entertained by this.. the girls get entertained by this.. me.. no, not much entertained.

5. Yeah.. my kids are brains. Seriously... I was just mentioning that one of the animals looked like a big pig.. and Emily turns to me "no mom, it's a tapir."

OKay.. so now to the part that everyone really was waiting for.. The pictures:

Getting ready for the adventure... It might look like she was bored.. But no, she put my sunglasses on and promptly fell asleep.. That way she could have enough energy for the big adventure!

This is what we saw of the girls 90% of the time.. at least. They were SOOOOOO excited about all the animals. (emily's hair looks megga long in this picture, how cute!)

We saw the zoo worker feed the hippos.. Well the girls and daddy did. I was okay with not pushing myself infront of all the other kids :-D.. And then they were so excited to be able to sit on a "hippo".. Maybe next time we'll go for a really hippo :-D

Though slidding on the hippo was way more fun!

Daddy and the girls looking at the zebra and other animals.. If you look way up in the right corner you can kind of see them..

Emily was so excited she was able to go in one of the "cages" and pet the goats. Hannah wasn't the biggest fan.. They also had some minature donkeys.. Hannah was walking around all okay. But then one of the donkey's made a noise.. I've never seen her run for daddy so fast. She explained to me daddy was higher up :-D

Bryan pondering what Life on a Farm would be like. Okay..

I finally convinced Bryan to show Hannah how to milk a cow.. I think that changed his want for a Life on A Farm.

Well. I'm going to post the rest of the pictures (probably out of order) in the next post.. this is taking WAY to much time and effort :-D

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