Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Part 2... out of order..

As we walked in the zoo. The girls saw this ride. We promised that right before we left we would ride it. Emily LOVED IT!

I was really afraid Hannah was going to freak out and hate it.. But she informed me right after the ride started "Mommy, I can do it by myself." SHE LOVED IT!

We got to see birds fly right above our heads. It was TONS of fun! The girls really liked this area.

Emily would have stayed her until we saw ever single bird on the list. But, atlas, we had to move on.

Emily hatching from an egg. I had a picture of her all the way covered. But when I went to look at it, I noticed that there was some little girl standing right infront of us.

I know this is a dark picture. But if you look at the top of the slide, you'll see Hannah. I think this is Hannah's favorite slide ever. Seriously she went down about 15 times... Yeah. After she was addicted to the slide Bryan and I noticed a sign on the floor "Children must be 4 years old or older".. To bad. We let her finish having fun.. All the bigger kids were in the toddler area... So we thought it was actually safer!

We were there for the Four Oclock Mystery Animal... I was all excited (not planned or anything) So emily got to pet a real lizard. Hannah chickened out..

One of those "smallest deers in the world". I forgot what it was called. But so cute. I would rather have one of these then a dog :-D

Emily and Hannah being spiders. They both made it to the very top, against mom's wants. :-D

Hannah climbing up the cave outside wall.

Daddy decided it was not fair for the kids to go play in the caves without him. So he joined in! He he eh! It was so fun to watch!

We might have spent to much time at the zoo... The girls turned into Turtles!..

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