Thursday, May 14, 2009

Movie Review.

I don't normally talk about movies. But in the last two days we've watched two new movies. And it's been fun.

Last night we watched:

This is a movie that I really wanted to see. Bryan didn't have much interest in it. It turned out okay. Though I thought the old lady talked to much. Sorry, she was bugging the heck out of me. It wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It was slow picking up. All the good parts I saw in commericals, i thought they would expound on, but didn't. I was a little disappointed. But it was an okay movie. Though the ending... Not the very, I won't get into it, was a little to much I thought.

Then Bryan picked out a movie for tonight. We watched:

Oh my heck. This is also a movie that I really wanted to see. But for some reason forgot the name and forgot it was the same movie. Man. I loved it. It had some build-up. But not as much as most movies now a days. It was all about getting into the action. Lots of killing of bad people. Not to gory or anything. But there was a lot of fast action killing. *i kind of forgot i kind of like action movies. It was an awesome movie. Just like I like: small intro and build up, Meaty middle, and then perfect length ending. I recommend it. It's more a guy movie.. But heck it's all about saving a child so it could be considered for women too! Oh and it doesn't take the stupid "alien turn" like a bunch of other movies have been lately!

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We're So Rad said...

Zack and I were somewhat disappointed with Benjamin Button as well. It just wasn't that great. So sad cause we were really expecting more.