Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Essentials!

Seriously! I love this thing!
Tonight we had strawberry smoothies. Then we tried to make homemade salsa. Yep! It was good! Though, I put half a jalapeno in it, so i only got a one or two small tastes of it. (of course Hannah loved it! she doesn't know the meaning of spicy!) I'm going to make another batch of it after the kids are in bed with only a TINY about of jalapeno.
I'm going to look up some recipes for veggie smoothies and stuff. I'm planning on making smoothies very often. It's a lot easier to grab a smoothie for breakfast then a lot of other things. Seriously it takes like 10 seconds to make a smoothie! And they are very filling and are full of healthy fruits and veggies!

Plus! I'm going to easily be able to make baby food for baby Abby. Much healthier, cheaper, and a lot easier.. Just add some of the veggies we're eatting that day, a little water... And mix.. :-D

Tonight Bryan and I are going to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm excited. I wanted to go see it in the theaters.. but going to the theater requires a lot more then just buying the movie and snuggling in bed and watching it. Bryan doesn't seem to interested in it. But to bad. It's finally my chance to chose a movie. Normally i'm pretty easy going and Bryan picks the movies out. But this one I really want to watch! So i'm excited!


Andrea said...

How much did that thing cost? I think I really need one. It's a long story that I'll tell you on Friday?

Daniel said...

We have one. It works well for smoothies.

My advice is not to use the colored rings and cover the threaded portion of the cups. They don't seal right and you send up dripping smoothie all over.

Lisa said...

make sure that the food is cooked or steamed before you blend it, especially vegetables. Otherwise there are hard chunks and it's not soft like real baby food. (I'm specifically talking about carrots and broccoli. I learned from experience that they need to be cooked)