Thursday, May 28, 2009

Family Baby Shower

Last Saturday Bryan's aunt and uncle came up for the Ski to Sea parade.
Bryan's mom and my mom decided to throw a family baby shower. It was great! I sadly didn't have my camera with me. (i did get a picture of the cake with my mom's camera, i'll have to get that picture from her.)
It was a small and simple baby shower. THOUGH there was a TON of cute food. The fruit cabobs that my baby sister made were the cutest!!!
Here are some pictures of what Abigail got.
There were only 5 adults there.. But it's hard to guess that due to all the gifts she got!

Adorable onesies

Some cute little outfits

THE CUTEST recieving blankets. (sorry the best thing about little girls is purple and pink and pok-a-dots)

And an extremely Adorable swimming suit (we like swimming in our family, this is an essential gift!)

On top of that I got a "mom package" With Tons of stuff from bath soaps to maniure items. Seriously.. It's awesome (and not all together anymore.. sorry, i was excited so i didn't get a picture of it!)

Abby also got a giftcard. Emily, Hannah, and I decided that Emily and Hannah should use it to buy Abby an outfit. We've only spent like half of it.. But we got her the cutest outfit to come home in. ...

Hannah (with the help of mommy) picked out the cute dress with "undies"
And Emily (with the help of mommy) picked out these cute shoes for Abby.

On top of all these great gifts last week I got this AWESOME package in the mail from an awesome friend, Alicia. Yeah, It really started getting me EXTREMELY excited about having another girl. She sent SO much cute girls stuff! Seriously Alicia, me and the girls COMPLETELY love EVERY item! It was way exciting to get this special package in the mail!!!