Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother Dear.....

SO! I'm going to write a happy post! I've been kind of exhausted and it's hard for me not to just sit here and pitty myself. BUT i'm going to put the effort into it..

My Mother's Day. The best thing about having small little kids I think is the excitement they get over everything. So I was greeted in the morning with "HAPPY MUDDER'S DAY" and big hugs and kisses. Then Emily was like "daddy did you already give her our surprise?" ... They went to Michael's and made mother day's cards for me. They were so excited to be able to give them to me!

Then I just sat in bed doing some stuff on the computer, while the girls went down stairs for a while with bryan...... And then the girls came up stairs and gave me a note "go check in the dishwasher"... Yep! A treasure hunt. And even though the girls helped put it together, they were soooooo cutely into it! Bryan got me something I've wanted, since like the day they came out.. years ago....

I luckily had bought some strawberries and realized we still had some lemonade mix.. Yum!

Then we had cinnamon rolls. Bryan was planning on letting me sleep in and everything.. But Abigail woke me up at 7:30 on the dot, like she has been for the last week.

We then went to church. And we were spoiled to have Grandma and Oma come! Emily had a surprise singing presentation with the Primary. I think I must of missed the memo :-). So her and the rest of the primary children sang "Mother Dear." And she, being her "shy" self.. Walks up, says hi to each bishopric member, stands in front so she can see everyone.. And then come back and declares "I got to sing ALL BY MYSELF!" It was so adorable though! I'm such a proud mommy! It made my day!

Then she gave her first talk. Man, I have one cute kid. She was saying her talk REALLY loud into the microphone. So the kids in primary laughed. I almost panicked thinking she would shut down. The mic got turned off, since she didn't need it and she turns to me "I can't hear myself anymore." She gave her talk. She loved it. On the way home from church she was talking about it.. "And all the kids laughed, I was so funny." WHAT an awesome personality she has.

Then after church we went to my parents and had a HUGE steak dinner. Yum!

Then to bryan's parents.. and we ended up staying there until way to late due to Bryan's Grandma being in town.

It was a good day! (though due to my current problems, had a few breakdowns... but eh, what can I say.. I'm pregg0) Hope Everyone had a great mother's day too!

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