Monday, May 18, 2009

So if I haven't convinced everyone yet.... Just kidding. I just want to update you on my magic bullet.

It's been a week now. (well 8 days) And I can easily say I've used my magic bullet EVERY SINGLE DAY so far. I've made Strawberry lemonade, Strawberry Smoothies, Orange Smoothies, Salsa, Orange/Strawberry/Apple smoothies. And tonight, a Orange Creamcycle Smoothie. Man, I love this machine. I still haven't tried any veggie smoothies.. I'm a little afraid to, they don't sound to tasty...... BUT, soon i'm sure I'll try one.
It's so easy and fun to use. Just add the ingredients to the cup, mix, and drink. (or eat)

I can wait to be able to use it for making baby food!!! This machine does everything. Man, I love it!

On a different note, I finally got my ensign and friend magazine switched over to this address.. The reason it took so long was because I didn't know I was getting it.. Bryan's grandma got us the subscription, and some how I forgot about it. And so today, (after finally sitting down and calling and getting it switched to our name.. i'm a slacker) we got our magazines in the mail! I am so happy.. I was about to order both myself. I've been REALLY REALLY wanting to get both magazines. And for a while I was just looking up them online.. But having the actual magazine in front of me is a lot different. So tonight for bedtime I read a bunch of stories out of the Friend for the girls. What a great way to go to bed.. hearing stories about people's spiritual and uplifting experience. It's something I hope to read to the girls regularly.. And the girls really enjoyed having a magazine just for them, so i'm sure they will remember to remind me to read it to them!!!..

Okay.. So i'm rambling... It happens when I'm excited and tired.. Have a good night!!

Oh! And who was spoiled by her hot husband tonight?!? ME! Yep he got me some really beautiful flowers! And they smell SOOOOOOO GOOOOD! I'm one of those silly ladies that tells my husband not to waste money on flowers. (that's the logical side of me coming out) But every time he does... I absoulty LOVE it! (the romantic side coming out) Seriously. And I'm so happy he rarely choses roses. I'm not a huge fan of roses at alll... they are kind of boring. I'm a fan of variety and colorful flowers! (If you want to see a pic of the flowers he got me check out my facebook) Wow. Tonight was good!

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