Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My cute girls.. and their conversations.

So the girls didn't know I was filming... and it was cute.. They were sitting by the window discussing rain and hail.

One of my favorite qualities about the girls is they love telling people nice things. Emily decided Hannah and I were beautiful.. (ignore my voice.. i'm in the middle of losing/gain-it-back it.)

I honestly could video tape my girls all day. they are very interesting gals!

Hannah singing "I am a child of God".. whenever I take out the camera she wants me to record her singing it.. .But then she ended up seeing a different song.. I think it was "popcorn taking a dot" (she made it up.. it was cute)

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The Jensen Family said...

Your girls are so cute. I can't believe how big they are getting.

We got Logan to finally sleep by....who knows?! I have tried everything (crying it out, white noice, swaddle, no swaddle, binks (which neither of my boys have even liked),etc) and nothing ever worked....I guess he just desided to finally get it and enjoy sleep.
Silly boy! :)