Monday, March 2, 2009

4th Week of Illness.

So.. I need to let everyone know, my kids aren't sicklings.. I promise. Everyone seems to be getting sick... Sadly, Everything that is going around my kids seem to catch. They really are health little kids. I was all excited because we made it through fall and all the way up to February without getting ill at all. But...

Now Hannah has something. It's funny? because they don't seem to really be getting the same thing. But Hannah was sitting by my bed, while I was doing some stuff (we really need to get my scrapbooking/craft/working table put up.) and I looked over at Hannah.. She went pail and just blank... and then... Burped.... and I put my hands out to make sure it wasn't going to be throw up... And YEP... ALL SORTS OF CHUNKS all on my hands.... Yeah... Seriously... I had to hold back the throw up myself from that grossness. ////// if you were here in person you would have seen that i had to stop typing just now..... and get throw up in my hands again.

So.. FOURTH monday in a row. I quit!


Alicia said...

Oh man I am so sorry. But it is DEFINITELY not you or your family. I think that bugs are just going all around. All my family back home in Utah went through the rounds of colds/flus. It's just too bad! I don't blame you for quitting on being sick! I really like these two products: 1)Airborne

and 2)Emergen-C

Copy and paste the url in your browser so you can see the variety of choices you have in both of these products. They work great and help to keep you hydrated while sick. They do taste nasty, though so my advice is to drink them with less water than is recommended and just choke it down. I do not know if they are products to use on kids...wish I were more helpful there.

The Bingham Four said...

thanks alicia!!