Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You know you're not longer a shopaholic when....

So, all my life I've had this problem.. I'm a shopaholic. Lately I've been spending less and less and less.. I've even been going to the stores less and less and less. Seriously less. Last night I got a gift card from Bryan's Grandparents for my birthday. I was all excited to go spend it. I got to target.... And I looked and looked and looked. I found a few things I thought I was going to buy.. But then I did my newest thing. I thought about the realistic-ness of me using it, I thought about weither I really wanted it, and I thought my way out of buy them. Yep, that's my newest thing. I have become a saver, not so much a shopper anymore. I did buy a bath brush and body wash. But that was it. Less then 7 dollars. Which normally I would be proud of. But last night, I realized I no longer can shop. I guess it will be a really good thing i've learned when Bryan goes back to school in Septemeber.. But still, it kind of sucks. All the shopping fun is gone. And the realistic-ness of spending money wiser is taking over.

Anyways. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!! It was a good birthday!!

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Alicia said...

I am a former shopaholic too. I think Brandon still thinks I'm a shopaholic. But here's what happened. Before I got married, I shopped for just fun stuff and skimped on groceries. Now that I'm married, all I shop for is food! Food fills the shopping need and I find that I buy less stuff and more food. Food is so expensive that when I'm shopping at the mall I just think, do I really want this? And then I think, actually, no, what I really want is more food! ;-)