Monday, March 23, 2009

Melissa Begat Emily, Hannah, and Baby Boo. Emily, Hannah, and (soon) Baby Boo begat lots of laundry...

****************THIS IS NOT!! A VENTING POST*********

So.. It might sound like this is going to be a venting post.. Don't worry! The title of this post is decieving!
I actually am having a great day.. For two reasons.

1. Bryan put our small cd player in the girls' room, and it's been playing hymns all day, and THEY HAVEN'T FOUGHT! Seriously, No bitting, No toy wars, No yelling and crying to mommy... Seriously. I really honestly think that the music is calming their moods. I was actually really happy. We even snuggled in my bed and read books for like an hour... It was so much fun! I was able to focus my energy in having fun with them instead of lossing all my energy trying to keep them from beating each other up.

2. Because of the extra happy vibes going on in my house... I got a lot of productive cleaning done.. Well, I consider it a lot. And after the girls go to bed, i might just have some more energy to do some crafty stuff. (we'll see :-D But i'm optomistic!!)
Anyways.. I've been thinking. I really love being crafty. I don't consider myself that good. But I LOVE doing it anyways.
.... I'm thinking about throwing a small craft party in April.... Like a scrapbooking/card making craft party. I think it would be so much fun... I really enjoy crafting .. especially when i'm not doing it myself... Sound like fun anyone?

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