Friday, March 20, 2009

Is it time?

I was searching for a picture of a toilet to go along with this post... and found this cool guy. I think if we had a toilet like that potty training would be a lot more fun for the kids... though they might sit sideways on the toilet to be able to see the fishies at the same time.. and yes i did have to go research more about it!

Today after we took our shower/bath. Hannah and I were sitting in the hall getting dried off. I asked her to get a diaper. She said she didn't want to go. She then said "I have to go potty" and ran to the toilet and went pee. Umm... good and bad news... Good, meaning maybe she's ready to start trying to potty train. Bad, because maybe it's time to start trying to potty train. I was really fast to try to train Emily to go potty.. It was a LONG HARD drawn out process... and then one day (on her third birthday) she decided she was to old for diapers and was potty trained. So i've been really hesitant about starting her to early, because it's just stress for me.. But maybe it won't be so bad.. since Hannah wants to be just like her sister.. She now is also refusing to wear a diaper.. I don't have time before bedtime to buy pull-ups, so hopefully I can convince her to wear undies over her diaper :-D


Lisa said...

Let Hannah be in charge of this. She could very well have complete control over going potty, as you noticed when she went herself! Perhaps you could ask her every hour or so to go get a diaper or try to go potty.

Youngbergs said...

That's great Hannah is so excited about it! Hopefully it will be easier this time around!