Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So cute.

I love Hannah. I really do. Emily a lot of the time overshadows Hannah. When friends come over, it's normally hers. Hannah is normally more of a follower, mostly because she thinks Emily is the coolest. That, and she's only two, still working on her playing with others skills. But today we had a friend over. The friend is 7 months younger then Emily, and 7 months older then Hannah. So, normally Emily plays with her, while Hannah tags along. BUT TODAY! It was so cute to see her and the friend really get a long and play together. Yes, Emily was a little bored and left out. (but only for seconds.. she is pretty creative) But Hannah and her friend were being all cute. It makes me happy. Yes, we need to let Hannah have a little more playing time with friends her age.. So that's a new thing I'm going to work on! But it's hard, because when we have friends over, Emily kind of takes over.. So maybe we'll send Hannah to her friends house without Emily... :-/

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