Friday, March 13, 2009

A few things I've learned today....

So Bryan has been dying to try to make deep fried chocolate bars. I thought the idea sound sick. But decided that I would make him happy and do it. Bryan decided tonight was the night. My sister Pam happened to stop by, and Lynda happened to phone and we invited her to join.

So, the four of us started deep frying chocolate bars, and oreos..... and then Bryan wanted more. These are the things I've learned.

1. deep fried chocolate bars actually taste really good.. Like donuts with extra chocolate filling.. Yumm.. but you shouldn't have them very often.. One is good enough for each person. Seriously, you'll get a chocolate overload if you eat more then one (i didn't try.. but bryan almost died).

2. I was told that oreo's are REALLY good deep fried. See the first thing I've learned (i was chocolated out)

3. Cheese Strings with batter = cheap and easy mozeralla sticks.. seriously easy.

4. Deep fried bacon is REALLY good. Seriously. Though we suspect that if you add onion, it would taste like a bacon onion ring... Doesn't that sound yummy?!?!

5. MOST IMPORTANT THING LEARNED TONIGHT!- thanks to my "brillant" sister Pam... Ginger Ale doesn't deep fry. It just causes grease fires... and a smoky house. Though it does bring a lot of "almost pee your pants" laughter.

So, if you're looking for a good fun time... Grab some veggie oil, a pan, and whatever good you can find in your house and deep fry it! It may not taste the best.. but you never know, it might taste really good!!

**IMPORTANT UPDATE***** --- you might feel very ill afterwards... so much for not getting sick this week..... yuck....... i would only try ONE deep fried thing a year..

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Andrea said...

LOL You guys are so funny.