Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My other hero of the day!

So, I figured it would start to get better after a few hours... But it hasn't.. And Bryan doesn't get off work until 4:30... So.. Though she is INCREDIBLY busy, and is already taking time off from work to go with us down to the Children's Hospital tomorrow, my mom is coming to get the kids for a few hours. Which is exactly what i need. And I know it's really going to cause more stress for her.. But she's decided to be my hero anyways!! THANKS MOM!!!!!


Alicia said...

Seriously, try Airborne. You can get it at Walgreens (called Walborne). Brandon got sick this week and he has been using it religiously and feels fine. It works wonders. I'm glad your mom could help out. I'm so sorry to hear that you guys have been so ill! Get well soon...all of you!!

Alicia said...

Hey Melissa...I got your question about Airborne. I say yes because it's just vitamins. But I'm no doctor so let me E-mail my brother-in-law who's an MD and I'll get back to you. ;-)

Daniel said...

Pregnant women and children under 4 should not take Airborne without their doctor advising them to.

Additionally, Airborne doesn't exactly have a scientific track record. They claim to have done scientific double blind studies but if you read how the study was conducted you'll discover it's not nearly as robust as they claim.

Best thing you can do is just wash your hands (and kids hands) more frequently. It's more effective.