Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Day of Pull-Ups..

So, last night my mom brought over pull-ups :-D She's such a grandma!!!! I love it!

Today Hannah WILL NOT wear a diaper, which is okay.

She's gone in the potty about 4 times. Had two poopy accidents (thank goodness she's in pull ups). One Pee accident... though, we were at target.. and she said "i have to go potty" and i (being a horrible mom, and tired ) kind of ignored it... :-/ .. But then I felt guilty when I went home and told her how sorry I was I didn't listen to her. So we only went through 4 pull ups today (the first one was when she woke up... she doesn't sleep through the night without peeing yet).. I think on Monday, I'll really hit it hard and work harder on it. But I didn't want to start so much at the end of a week.

I think she is still not comfortable going poopy in the potty yet. But, hopefully that will happen soon.. I have to think of a special surprise for her when she does, and maybe she'll be so excited she'll want to keep going in the potty!

I'm really really really hoping that this will be it! Emily started to get some interest about when she was this old... But I wasn't ready, and so we would potty train for a few days.. But then go back to diapers.. I'm going to be better this time.. Mostly because I think i'm more ready to potty train again. And Emily is really a helper.. It's cute.. She'll take Hannah by the hand and bring her to the potty... Help her pull down her pants and pull up, and sing "go hannah go" songs to her. IT's soooooo cute. And Hannah keeps going "Emily is proud of me." It doesn't matter who else is proud of her, it only matters that Emily is!

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Andrea said...

Yay! That's so cute!